TDD by example: Chapter 5 Franc-ly Speaking


After finishing the refactoring of the Dollar class in the last chapter the focus moves to implementing multi currency multiplication. The first step being the implementation of another currency. Franc is implemented by copying the code from Dollar by just changing the class name for both the tests and implementation.


Good design at good times. Make it run, make it right.

This sounds a lot like

The only kind of writing is rewriting.

which is a quote by Earnest Hemingway. If you Google "writing rewriting quote" you will find many more quotes saying more or less the same thing.

When writing its about getting your something, anything, down and then working it until it's good.

In this chapter Beck shows that it's OK for programmers to just get something working, even if it's duplicating a whole class and just changing the name. You could say that clean code is cleaned code so it's OK to get dirty.