Slow burn

I think I need to account for daydreams, distractions, digressions.

Or maybe only do things that I genuinely care about. When I feel something is not important, I have a hard time coming up with the motivation. Especially if I don't have that much free time. I find myself caring a lot more about doing what feels important, which is usually what I'm emotionally drawn to.

I know this feeling. It's the feeling of all the things it would be cool to do. All the things that spark in my mind but do not burn. They die out and are quickly replaced by the next thing.

It's the side project/tool/idea it would be cool to do as long as it takes no effort and/or the work on it is completely smooth. The problem falls away as I type. Immediate flow. A mood.

It's easy to not be in the mood. It's easy for daydreams, distractions, and digressions to put on fireworks.

What do I need to do to maintain the slow burn? Where will the kindling come from? What can be used to keep the fire going once it's started?

Maybe what's urgent is the feeling and what's important is the commitment.