How to arrive at the metaphor

I've been talking about the metaphors in software engineering. But so what? If I go looking for metaphors, will I write better software? How do I even go looking for metaphors? In my day to day job right now it's all about getting shit done. I don't really have a time to think deeply about what I'm doing.

I want to find a way to know if hunting metaphors is worth anything.

Finding the metaphor is probably more about the names and interfaces of the objects So maybe the metaphor is the message. If I go functional, then the metaphor is the data.

It's a search not for what the thing is like but for what it is, it's mirror outside the code and then to put into the code. And then to let it unfold from there.

Ok, so what? How can I disprove this? How can put this to a test? How can I make sure I'm not lying to myself? I suppose the only way to know whether or not code is maintainable is when the new requirement comes. Does the metaphor easily incorporate new requirements in that domain? Maybe that's the star that will guide me to the truth about metaphors in software engineering.