I have this path forward in my mind. The path towards "Master Builder". I am on it right now but I don't think I've committed to it to the extent required.

What do I mean by "commitment"?

What do I mean by "extent required"?

"Commitment" is saying no to other things. And those other things are mostly of my own making. I have to let go of the anxieties that continually pull me away. The fear of missing something. The fear of not keeping up. The fear that I've chosen the wrong way to go. I have to let go of the soothing comforts of web surfing and tv that just numb away the tension. I have to make a commitment to facing what Steven Pressfield call "The Resistance". It's perplexing that "Resistance" even exists because as soon as I start to read, write or practice, I enjoy it. I enjoy it even if I don't understand what I read, don't like what I write or can't solve the problem I'm using to practice. As a pastime, these activities are not worse than binging a tv show and often better because I often feel like I've gained something. A better understanding of an idea. Pleasure at having figured something out. Joy in the struggle to solve a problem even I don't solve it.

The "extent required" begs the questions: What am I trying to achieve that requires an extent? I have ambition. I have an ambition that has at least three parts to it. I want to make more money to be able to support my mom, younger sister and maybe even older siblings. I want to be good at what I do and recognized as such. I think there is a big opportunity to make software better. I'm always amazed it works at all. I think there is a big gap between getting something to work and getting it to work well. I think that people and companies who bridge that gap will have a durable competitive advantage. I want to fulfill this ambition as soon as possible.

To fulfill this ambition I need to commit myself to reading, practicing and writing about software development as if it was just as important as my job of being a software developer.