I have this idea in my head of how I'm going to arrive at being a "Master Builder". I have a list of books on O'Reilly and a list of books to buy on Amazon. I'm going through the books on O'Reilly. I haven't really touched books on Amazon. Something feels wrong. I don't feel like I am quite making progress. I have a sense that something is slipping away. I think I'm going to have to make a commitment.

What do I need to do to finish this list of books? But also, what do I need to do practice all the things I'm reading about so that I can actually learn them?

I used to think that writing the answers to those questions would help but I don't think it does. The answers are not static. They need to be asked and answered every day.

The important this is to keep the aim in mind. The long-term aim but also the one in front of me. To finish what's in front of me in the best way I can, without getting lost it in.

To practice committing everyday.