I became interested in web development and programming while trying to build a website for the the theater company I left college to start with a high school friend. I started playing around with HTML, CSS and JavaScript while browsing sites that showcased great web designs. I somehow stumbled upon Bret Victor's amazing talk, "Inventing on Principle". I watched it several times and looked for anything else he had done. I followed up by consuming as much as I could from Alan Kay, Seymour Papert, and all the other pioneers from the sixties and seventies. I was fascinated by the goal of using programming to "augment human intellect". I played around with Scratch and even Smalltalk by getting Squeak running.

And then I found Ruby and it's friendly community. Everything from "Why's poignant guide to Ruby", to the motto of "Matz is nice so we are nice" encouraged me to keep going until I discovered Sandi Metz. Listening to her talks, I felt it was obvious that everyone could write well-designed code by paying attention and following a few principles and rules. And even if you got yourself into a mess it was possible to get out. You can end up with something easier to understand for other programmers, including your future self. You might even end up with something beautiful.

I heard about Agile and read the manifesto. The principles had resonances with what I've experienced trying to run a theater company where adaptability was necessary.

After learning on my own, I realized I needed help so I applied to and was accepted into App Academy. There I found a wonderful community of learners. It was one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of my life. I've then interned at Girls Who Code as a curriculum intern helping them update the curriculum for their summer immersion program. I went to the Recurse center where I experimented with new ways of learning by trying to teach myself React and Redux. In the midst of this I started volunteering at ScriptEd(now CodeNation) helping to teach high school students in under-resourced schools basic web development. I started at Stride Consulting in August of 2016 after my time at Recurse.

I'm co-chair of the Diversity Committee and we've been able to recruit and hire more female/non-binary engineers and the company is now making efforts to recruit more Black and Latinx engineers. I've participated in the company podcasts and even started one with a co-worker based on walking through the million little decisions a working programmer faces everyday. I started a book club on Design Patterns.

I want to become a master builder of software systems.